Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Connan Mockasin - the new Bjork?

It is officially home time but as I wait for my final story of the day to be subbed I come across a very strange man... the kind of man you do not expect to come across whilst sitting at your desk at quarter to 6 in the evening.

It started with his name Connan Mockasin and step by step he intrigued me...his name, his face, his appearance and finally my search ended when I found this video.

It stopped because I knew I had to share it with you.

What starts as a simple scene of a painting ends up becoming a distorted post-modern juxtaposition/interpretation of culture, identity and love.

At first the variety of colours in the scene mesh together, creating an eerie portrait of blurred figures that appear sinisterly clown-like, yet animalistic. However, their movements are very soft which makes them even more creepy!

This opening scene slowly comes to life and then suddenly merges with the modern day, showing one man’s quest to find his love.

I love that he first sees his dolphin lover woman outside Liverpool Street Station.

Right, to the music…I was unsure about it to begin with. It sounded similar to The Dresden Dolls at first with a toy like piano/synth but it just kept changing it never stayed the same for more that a minute. This is one of the few music videos that uses lyrics and instrumentals to purely enhance visuals.

Anyway, I shall stop harping on and let you watch/listen for yourself! Enjoy!