Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something to get your teeth into...

I am sorry to those who happened to read my last post. I have deleted it but thank you for your kind messages.

This post is just going to be about the music that I have been listening to a lot recently. This means you may have already heard of the artists, the songs or maybe even both? But you never know there might be the odd surprise amongst them.

Sarah McLachlan – Ice

Those that know me know that I am a sucker for female vocals. I am going to hit you with a cliché straight away - Sarah McLachlan’s voice on this version of Ice would make anyone melt.

It is an absolutely beautiful song both lyrically and in its music’s simplicity.

The lyrics carry almost a poetic or somewhat Shakespearean theme.

Let me explain: The first verse bares great resemblance to Macbeth’s disposition when he craved power but felt that worrying would abort his crimes.

The chorus reminds me of a poem I studied for the English advanced extension award at college – I can’t remember the name of it but it was about a rose, lips, kissing and lies! Any ideas?

But yes this is not an English Literature essay so I’ll leave the rest to you.
Most people who have heard of McLachlan are probably more aware of songs such as Ice-Cream but this song is both unusual and quite haunting especially if you close your eyes and listen. So have a go….

Mierous Hennessy – Cover of Lil Wayne’s Single

Hailing from the one and only WEST MIDLANDS! She already gets about a gazillion stars from me. But I have to say this is an amazing cover version of Single. I don’t think I have ever heard a girl cover this song before! And I don’t know if anybody else could do it justice.

It is quite obvious that Mie is not signed, so for the most part all you can find online are badly recorded youtube videos that don’t really showcase her talent.
To be honest I am pretty sure she will get snapped up before we know it – after all she is only 19! So I wish her all the luck in the world. I’ll continue googling her and hopefully she’ll have an official website and record deal sooner rather than later.

Gemma Hayes – The Hollow of Morning Album from 2008
I think the bridge in this song explains my life very very well.

When things are not going great I want everything to be okay.

When everything is going great, I want/expect something to go wrong.

I guess that is just life.

Every now and then you re-evaluate the people you have lost in your lifetime – due to illness/old age, travel or just through growing apart.
This song reminds me of many people in my life – depending on the day and also depending on who has been slogging around in my head.
As much as it makes me cry sometimes for the most part it makes me smile as it is one of those songs that makes you look forward in a positive way. But like I said it really does depend on your mood.

The Pierces – We are Stars

I don’t think this song needs any words to describe it.
Just know that The Pierces are amazing, from NYC and their albums make you fall in love instantly.

The Morning Benders – Virgin
I was introduced to The Morning Benders by my dear friend Liam about a year or two ago and I thought they were pretty good. So recently I dug up some of their old stuff and whilst looking to see if they had any new material I came across this exclusive track which I think is really nice. Plus there is nothing better than a sweaty man, playing guitar and singing beautifully!

The Chaplin Sisters – Let Me Go

I am not going to say much about this song as I am going to do a whole post dedicated to these sisters because I love them very very much and they are super mega talented! So I guess you should see this as a teaser ;)