Saturday, December 31, 2011

Music Predictions for 2012...


Some might say that he looks a little pretentious - with his crazy facial hair and love of all things old but who are we to judge! To me, King Charles is the new Devendra Banhart/Patrick Wolf combined - before they both sold out that is! With his catchy chorus lines I think he may just infect the population. He is one of those people who I think will remain at large in the underground indie scene, make a brief cross over to mainstream, begin to believe the hype and slowly fade away - a la Patrick Wolf. Lets hope he has more staying power than I am giving him credit for! 


As always with me, it started with a cover version. I heard Sunday Girl sing MGMT's time to Pretend and I was sold. I really thought 2011 would be her year but luckily I didn't blogify that prediction so I can use it this year instead! 2012 really should be her year - she can pretty much do anything! She has versatility in her voice and style - she has already made an appearance in the Dubstep scene and despite the bubblegum pop appearance I get the feeling we may get a few more dance tunes out of this one. It doesn't hurt that she looks like Francoise Hardy's love child but trust me when I say she is one to watch!

             3)  ALICE GOLD

Everyone needs some pop in their life and Alice Gold gives it to us fiercely through her oodles and oodles of bouncy blonde hair. The singer/songwriter has been around for a little while and despite the fact that her music is actually pretty good she has found it very difficult to get noticied. However, with a bunch of new material which sounds a lot more polished I have a feeling that 2012 might just be her time to shine! Dear God! I sound like some sort of cheeseball DJ who thinks he knows it all! I guess I'll just roll with it now... prepare yourself! 


Hailing from Brooklyn, the threepiece make me think of a more tropical-sounding Surfer Blood. Obviously I know the West Palm Beach mob sound pretty tropical anyway, but LR are seemingly all about making hazy melodies and Beach Boys choruses.