Saturday, December 31, 2011

Music Predictions for 2012...


Some might say that he looks a little pretentious - with his crazy facial hair and love of all things old but who are we to judge! To me, King Charles is the new Devendra Banhart/Patrick Wolf combined - before they both sold out that is! With his catchy chorus lines I think he may just infect the population. He is one of those people who I think will remain at large in the underground indie scene, make a brief cross over to mainstream, begin to believe the hype and slowly fade away - a la Patrick Wolf. Lets hope he has more staying power than I am giving him credit for! 


As always with me, it started with a cover version. I heard Sunday Girl sing MGMT's time to Pretend and I was sold. I really thought 2011 would be her year but luckily I didn't blogify that prediction so I can use it this year instead! 2012 really should be her year - she can pretty much do anything! She has versatility in her voice and style - she has already made an appearance in the Dubstep scene and despite the bubblegum pop appearance I get the feeling we may get a few more dance tunes out of this one. It doesn't hurt that she looks like Francoise Hardy's love child but trust me when I say she is one to watch!

             3)  ALICE GOLD

Everyone needs some pop in their life and Alice Gold gives it to us fiercely through her oodles and oodles of bouncy blonde hair. The singer/songwriter has been around for a little while and despite the fact that her music is actually pretty good she has found it very difficult to get noticied. However, with a bunch of new material which sounds a lot more polished I have a feeling that 2012 might just be her time to shine! Dear God! I sound like some sort of cheeseball DJ who thinks he knows it all! I guess I'll just roll with it now... prepare yourself! 


Hailing from Brooklyn, the threepiece make me think of a more tropical-sounding Surfer Blood. Obviously I know the West Palm Beach mob sound pretty tropical anyway, but LR are seemingly all about making hazy melodies and Beach Boys choruses.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York Fashion Week Round Up!

So I am ashamed to say I missed the first day of fun and festivities but I shall give you my two penny's worth for the other 4 days!

Day 2 - Nerves Running High

I am sure the athmosphere would have been extremely tense as it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (the only time ten years ago when Fashion week was ever cancelled, or so I believe?) So to the designers who had this day to show and tell... here are my faves...


Although sticking to his classic style this collection was evidently inspired by pop art with its electrified embroidary and a mixture of spangles including beady bits, pearls and an array of sequins. I was happy to see a rainbow of colour but more in love with the bright pinks on display. This was clearly a collection for those "out-there-and-oh-so-modern" folks. Although it was major risk playing with proportions for spring it seemed to work well. And even more of a surprise - I actually liked the use of perlums they seemed to work well with his overall vision for the collection. I can see how this collection may trickle to the High Street.

My Favourite Look:  The evening with a contemporary twist - a photo-negative digital print T-shirt with a black silk skirt offset on the hips with a feathered peplum. It was odd but cool! Also who could miss the pink nylon trench coat... no me neither!


This collection was certainly sleek, was worried it might be a bit boring with the opening look of a manly looking white tee and weird skinny trousers but it all turned around pretty quickly. Soon the models started to look like zebras running in a sunset... well those are the images you expect when using zebra print and yellow, surely? I loved the floral prints especially the blue floral top which we know you'll be able to find in Primark in a month or two.

My Favourite Look:  The showstopping strapless bright PINK gown. It really just showed how simplictity (if it is well done) can be amazing! Also I loved the high slit and I have never been a fan before!

Day 3 - Hippy Power

It seemed like New York had been hit by a hundred weddings with thousands of flowers being sprinkled simultaneously as Day 3 went ahead with flower power prints and the real deal scattered on runways!


Well last year he won the Council of Fashion Designers of America award for emerging talent which is why I was very interested to see what he did with this collection. After all he had been set up to fall but actually he managed to live up to the hype surrounding him. I loved the collection. It seemed somewhat futuristic with a space age circle mini skirt - but if you are considered a designer who will create fashion of the future you can afford to be more adventurous! However, I was actually pretty surprised to see leather especially as a fabric for sportswear! but you have to hand it to Gurung he is a master of detail!

My Favourite Look: The dominatrix-inspired white crepe(?) dress that had black ties on the sides and an updated corset.


The collection seemed like an early 1960's resort look with soft feminine sherbert tones and comfy looking shapes. Obviously adding the Stuart twist we had a few palm trees and bird motifs thrown in just in case we didn't get the concept! haha! It is strange how Stuart has moved so swiftly from that rocker look she was known for to a modern day 60's icon inspired show. To some degree it felt like the collection was old, not just because it was inspired by times past- but more a case of having already seen drop-waist shifts, culottes and inverted-pleat skirts in the High Street in the last few months.

My Favourite Look: The mini romper/playsuit that was so well executed it really could have passed for a mini shift dress if you hadn't looked carefully!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something to get your teeth into...

I am sorry to those who happened to read my last post. I have deleted it but thank you for your kind messages.

This post is just going to be about the music that I have been listening to a lot recently. This means you may have already heard of the artists, the songs or maybe even both? But you never know there might be the odd surprise amongst them.

Sarah McLachlan – Ice

Those that know me know that I am a sucker for female vocals. I am going to hit you with a cliché straight away - Sarah McLachlan’s voice on this version of Ice would make anyone melt.

It is an absolutely beautiful song both lyrically and in its music’s simplicity.

The lyrics carry almost a poetic or somewhat Shakespearean theme.

Let me explain: The first verse bares great resemblance to Macbeth’s disposition when he craved power but felt that worrying would abort his crimes.

The chorus reminds me of a poem I studied for the English advanced extension award at college – I can’t remember the name of it but it was about a rose, lips, kissing and lies! Any ideas?

But yes this is not an English Literature essay so I’ll leave the rest to you.
Most people who have heard of McLachlan are probably more aware of songs such as Ice-Cream but this song is both unusual and quite haunting especially if you close your eyes and listen. So have a go….

Mierous Hennessy – Cover of Lil Wayne’s Single

Hailing from the one and only WEST MIDLANDS! She already gets about a gazillion stars from me. But I have to say this is an amazing cover version of Single. I don’t think I have ever heard a girl cover this song before! And I don’t know if anybody else could do it justice.

It is quite obvious that Mie is not signed, so for the most part all you can find online are badly recorded youtube videos that don’t really showcase her talent.
To be honest I am pretty sure she will get snapped up before we know it – after all she is only 19! So I wish her all the luck in the world. I’ll continue googling her and hopefully she’ll have an official website and record deal sooner rather than later.

Gemma Hayes – The Hollow of Morning Album from 2008
I think the bridge in this song explains my life very very well.

When things are not going great I want everything to be okay.

When everything is going great, I want/expect something to go wrong.

I guess that is just life.

Every now and then you re-evaluate the people you have lost in your lifetime – due to illness/old age, travel or just through growing apart.
This song reminds me of many people in my life – depending on the day and also depending on who has been slogging around in my head.
As much as it makes me cry sometimes for the most part it makes me smile as it is one of those songs that makes you look forward in a positive way. But like I said it really does depend on your mood.

The Pierces – We are Stars

I don’t think this song needs any words to describe it.
Just know that The Pierces are amazing, from NYC and their albums make you fall in love instantly.

The Morning Benders – Virgin
I was introduced to The Morning Benders by my dear friend Liam about a year or two ago and I thought they were pretty good. So recently I dug up some of their old stuff and whilst looking to see if they had any new material I came across this exclusive track which I think is really nice. Plus there is nothing better than a sweaty man, playing guitar and singing beautifully!

The Chaplin Sisters – Let Me Go

I am not going to say much about this song as I am going to do a whole post dedicated to these sisters because I love them very very much and they are super mega talented! So I guess you should see this as a teaser ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

On repeat....

I know I have let the blog slip a little since I got my job so I thought I'd do one of those annoying here is what I have been listening to... and I think you should educate yourselves -post. lol! So here goes:

Cults - Abducted

You know as well as I do that you can give me an indie-pop track with a few xylophone twinkles and I am sold but add a scene-stealing percussive movement and some amazing vocals and I am in LOVE! 

I think the highlight in this song is the lyric "He tore me up because I really loved him" there is a rapturous longing in the vocals which transforms what could be just another love song into a twisted tale that screams with a wounded fervor. 

Imelda May - Inside Out

So I hear this song everyday... and nope not because it is on my ipod.... but because it plays in the office at least once a day! I did like it the moment I heard it but it wasn't until I heard it at a party/gathering that a new appreciation grew....

Anybody who tries to deny the happy simplicity of a traditional era rip off is seriously silly. Especially one that is this good! I have to hand it to Miss May that this has become one of those catchy tunes that plants itself in your head at stupid times of the day... the worst being just before bed. But... play it at a party and watch people come to life! 

Elkie Brooks - Sunshine After The Rain

Yes, when the chorus kicks in I can assure you, you'll probably wonder why it has been slowed down. But... fear not for this is the original that Berri used to make a quick 90's hit. May I warn you that the original sounds like it actually has some soul... so brace yourselves! 

Please do a comparison! It will make you laugh muchly... but it may also bring back some fond memories of being a tween! And we all love reliving those days don't we? 

Elbow Jane - St Teresa

I don't fully remember how I came across Elbow Jane but I just think that they are amazing. I think they need to get famous soon because there music needs to reach more ears than it is at present. I don't really know how to describe the sound its just pretty haunting. I have shared a video of a cover as they seem to make people appreciate an artist - I guess it gives people something to compare to?

I don't know what you'll make of this cover but I think its absolutely beautiful - amazing vocals which you wouldn't believe were live. Elbow Jane know how to bring country and folk to the masses. 

p.s: forgive me for my poor writing skills and my lack of effort. I just wanted to give you a blog-post dose to mend me missing a month of updating. Shame on me. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Connan Mockasin - the new Bjork?

It is officially home time but as I wait for my final story of the day to be subbed I come across a very strange man... the kind of man you do not expect to come across whilst sitting at your desk at quarter to 6 in the evening.

It started with his name Connan Mockasin and step by step he intrigued me...his name, his face, his appearance and finally my search ended when I found this video.

It stopped because I knew I had to share it with you.

What starts as a simple scene of a painting ends up becoming a distorted post-modern juxtaposition/interpretation of culture, identity and love.

At first the variety of colours in the scene mesh together, creating an eerie portrait of blurred figures that appear sinisterly clown-like, yet animalistic. However, their movements are very soft which makes them even more creepy!

This opening scene slowly comes to life and then suddenly merges with the modern day, showing one man’s quest to find his love.

I love that he first sees his dolphin lover woman outside Liverpool Street Station.

Right, to the music…I was unsure about it to begin with. It sounded similar to The Dresden Dolls at first with a toy like piano/synth but it just kept changing it never stayed the same for more that a minute. This is one of the few music videos that uses lyrics and instrumentals to purely enhance visuals.

Anyway, I shall stop harping on and let you watch/listen for yourself! Enjoy! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jamie Woon's Lady Luck

It is not very often that I let a video speak for itself but in this case I made an exception. 

When I heard this song about a month or so ago I was blown away by its simplicity. Today my appreciation for this video grew when I saw the studio produced version on TV which left me quite disappointed.

The natural noise and backdrop sets this raw footage apart from most other acapella versions of songs you find on YouTube.

The raw voice and beautiful setting is what made this song stand out for me. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birmingham's Finest is Tipped for the Top


Clare is from Solihull in Birmingham and has been struggling since 2005 to be recognised in the music industry but now is finally the time for her to take center stage. After many years trying to realise her dream Clare is predicted to be the 'next big thing' for 2011! and I certainly hope that is what she will become. 

The first time I noticed Clare was when I heard her do a cover of Anthony and the Johnson's. Her voice was amazing and not many a woman could sing in such a low octave and still sound like a woman, Maguire being an exception. 

Although her first single entitled 'The Last Dance' is not one of her best tracks... I can see the Great British public latching on to it. Its catchy and uplifting - I guess you could say Clare is a happier version of Adele. All the talent minus every track being overtly depressing - be it with the aid of great lyrics or just the rhythm of her music. 'The Last Dance' has a slight 70's vibe to it with the repetitive synth and drum combination. The vocals as per usual are amazing and the rhythm of the song is nice and catchy. It's the kind of song that could quite easily get stuck in your head. 

My personal favourite off Clare's newest album would have to be 'Ain't Nobody' it has hints of a folk influence as well as an heir of Madonna from her spirtual 'Frozen' days - maybe its just the video that gives that impression though! Simple and Strong. 

Clare has a very distinctive strong voice and despite likening her to others in the same age range and in the standard female singer-songwriter category she has been placed in, she stands out. Her voice is rich and smooth- she never battles with her notes and sings them with a grace and elegance. She is what we need this year - six years of hard graft and she has finally done it! Her debut album will be released on the 28th February 2011!  p.s: check out the Chase and Status Remix of 'The Last Dance' - so nice! and Danny Byrd's remix is pretty nice too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Designer Food... I kid you not!

... so fashion houses naturally branched off from clothes to perfume and cosmetics. The move was probably expected, after all a designer wants to create a perfect overall image. Thus, when brands such as Chanel found a significant market in luxury personal grooming products many other fashion houses jumped on the bandwagon.

Now designer brands can be found everywhere, so every man and woman can own a little bit of luxury. People mention the perfume they are wearing like they would mention the designer of their dress.
Designers have always been looking to expand business which explains the introduction of bed linnen and household goods but I for one never thought they would branch out into the fast food industry!

Yes! it's true. If you live and breathe high end designers and fancy the ultimate fast food treat you won't want to make a trip to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen when you could be tucking into a Burberry Burger, Hermes Fries or a Paul Smith desert.

So let the fashion weeks commence as these designer delights will probably be served at swanky after parties! I have no idea what kind of price we would be expected to pay for a Burberry Burger but I'm guessing it'll be more than the McDonalds 99p offer!

Add It To Your iPod...

Quadron is made up of two Dane's - Coco and Robin (suitably quirky names for wonderfully quirky people.) I cannot fault the easy listening element to Quadron's music that brings a contemporary yet vintage play on blue-eyed soul, funk and jazz. 

Such a wild combination of genre's could potentially lead to a listening experience that is far from pleasurable however, Quadron have successfully overcome being placed in that category. 

Despite only being in her early twenties Coco has mastered her voice to meet any genre or style with ease. Coco's voice slips from soul juxtaposing 70's pop based melodies  on tracks such as 'Slipping' to soft whimsical vocals and amazing voice over's on 'Buster Keaton.' With such a talented front woman the sky is the limit for a duo like Quadron. When listening to their music it's like taking a step back in time but finding something new, rather than something old and uninspiring. 

Everyone knows I am a sucker for an amazing music video and Quadron have not disappointed me with their output for 'Buster Keaton.' It is a clean, chic and simple video that packs punch with its use of colour, fashion and artistic direction. Be sure to check it out below!

p.s: for those of you that didn't know Buster Keaton was on old American actor that became famous for his silent comedy films. The male in this video plays the charismatic Keaton and channels this image via his bowler hat and distinct facial expressions associated with the actor. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Artist - Dorian Oddwood

My dear friend J sent me a link to this song because apparently it reminds him of me. Below are the probable reasons:

1) I suffer from insomnia so I sometimes don't sleep.
2) Peeps refer to me as B or Bee.
3) Dorian has a beefro, as do I.
4) They eat French macaron biscuits in the video and boy do I love those chewy biscuits of greatness!
5) They have a tea party and I certainly enjoy a good cup of tea.

The song is catchy, it doesn't really float my boat but I can see it doing well in the charts and because Dorian is a new artist it might be worth our while tracking his progress in the coming months! So check out his newest video entitled "Bees Don't Sleep" the video is simply delicious... enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ashish & Topshop Back Together Again!

Ashish Gupta is known in the fashion industry for his bold use of colour and prints, as well as those must have peep-toe boots that he designed for our favourite High Street Fashion Monster - Topshop!

Well... he is back! With a capsule collection that is fun and quirky. Ashish will be releasing a variety of oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts on the 10th of January 2011 in Topshop stores nationwide! It was a sweatshirt that got Ashish his first big break in fashion and I for one am glad that he has decided to hit us with some contemporary original designs 10 years later!

Ashish for Topshop Capsule Collection - January 2011

Why am I so excited about this range? Well its mostly to do with the inspiration.... JUNK FOOD! I love junk food! and those of you that know me will remember that... for my college textiles project I made a recycled dress out of crisp packets/coke wrappers so this collection really floats my boat!

The designs are bold and the prints have a fabulous sheen - Ashish has strayed away from the vintage/worn looking sweatshirts we have been seeing on the High Street recently. This collection is a breath of fresh air and affordable as prices will range between £40-60.

I have to say my favourite item has to be the breakfast smiley face! I dare you not to smile when you see it... its near impossible!