Sunday, June 26, 2011

On repeat....

I know I have let the blog slip a little since I got my job so I thought I'd do one of those annoying here is what I have been listening to... and I think you should educate yourselves -post. lol! So here goes:

Cults - Abducted

You know as well as I do that you can give me an indie-pop track with a few xylophone twinkles and I am sold but add a scene-stealing percussive movement and some amazing vocals and I am in LOVE! 

I think the highlight in this song is the lyric "He tore me up because I really loved him" there is a rapturous longing in the vocals which transforms what could be just another love song into a twisted tale that screams with a wounded fervor. 

Imelda May - Inside Out

So I hear this song everyday... and nope not because it is on my ipod.... but because it plays in the office at least once a day! I did like it the moment I heard it but it wasn't until I heard it at a party/gathering that a new appreciation grew....

Anybody who tries to deny the happy simplicity of a traditional era rip off is seriously silly. Especially one that is this good! I have to hand it to Miss May that this has become one of those catchy tunes that plants itself in your head at stupid times of the day... the worst being just before bed. But... play it at a party and watch people come to life! 

Elkie Brooks - Sunshine After The Rain

Yes, when the chorus kicks in I can assure you, you'll probably wonder why it has been slowed down. But... fear not for this is the original that Berri used to make a quick 90's hit. May I warn you that the original sounds like it actually has some soul... so brace yourselves! 

Please do a comparison! It will make you laugh muchly... but it may also bring back some fond memories of being a tween! And we all love reliving those days don't we? 

Elbow Jane - St Teresa

I don't fully remember how I came across Elbow Jane but I just think that they are amazing. I think they need to get famous soon because there music needs to reach more ears than it is at present. I don't really know how to describe the sound its just pretty haunting. I have shared a video of a cover as they seem to make people appreciate an artist - I guess it gives people something to compare to?

I don't know what you'll make of this cover but I think its absolutely beautiful - amazing vocals which you wouldn't believe were live. Elbow Jane know how to bring country and folk to the masses. 

p.s: forgive me for my poor writing skills and my lack of effort. I just wanted to give you a blog-post dose to mend me missing a month of updating. Shame on me.