Thursday, January 27, 2011

Designer Food... I kid you not!

... so fashion houses naturally branched off from clothes to perfume and cosmetics. The move was probably expected, after all a designer wants to create a perfect overall image. Thus, when brands such as Chanel found a significant market in luxury personal grooming products many other fashion houses jumped on the bandwagon.

Now designer brands can be found everywhere, so every man and woman can own a little bit of luxury. People mention the perfume they are wearing like they would mention the designer of their dress.
Designers have always been looking to expand business which explains the introduction of bed linnen and household goods but I for one never thought they would branch out into the fast food industry!

Yes! it's true. If you live and breathe high end designers and fancy the ultimate fast food treat you won't want to make a trip to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen when you could be tucking into a Burberry Burger, Hermes Fries or a Paul Smith desert.

So let the fashion weeks commence as these designer delights will probably be served at swanky after parties! I have no idea what kind of price we would be expected to pay for a Burberry Burger but I'm guessing it'll be more than the McDonalds 99p offer!

Add It To Your iPod...

Quadron is made up of two Dane's - Coco and Robin (suitably quirky names for wonderfully quirky people.) I cannot fault the easy listening element to Quadron's music that brings a contemporary yet vintage play on blue-eyed soul, funk and jazz. 

Such a wild combination of genre's could potentially lead to a listening experience that is far from pleasurable however, Quadron have successfully overcome being placed in that category. 

Despite only being in her early twenties Coco has mastered her voice to meet any genre or style with ease. Coco's voice slips from soul juxtaposing 70's pop based melodies  on tracks such as 'Slipping' to soft whimsical vocals and amazing voice over's on 'Buster Keaton.' With such a talented front woman the sky is the limit for a duo like Quadron. When listening to their music it's like taking a step back in time but finding something new, rather than something old and uninspiring. 

Everyone knows I am a sucker for an amazing music video and Quadron have not disappointed me with their output for 'Buster Keaton.' It is a clean, chic and simple video that packs punch with its use of colour, fashion and artistic direction. Be sure to check it out below!

p.s: for those of you that didn't know Buster Keaton was on old American actor that became famous for his silent comedy films. The male in this video plays the charismatic Keaton and channels this image via his bowler hat and distinct facial expressions associated with the actor. 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Artist - Dorian Oddwood

My dear friend J sent me a link to this song because apparently it reminds him of me. Below are the probable reasons:

1) I suffer from insomnia so I sometimes don't sleep.
2) Peeps refer to me as B or Bee.
3) Dorian has a beefro, as do I.
4) They eat French macaron biscuits in the video and boy do I love those chewy biscuits of greatness!
5) They have a tea party and I certainly enjoy a good cup of tea.

The song is catchy, it doesn't really float my boat but I can see it doing well in the charts and because Dorian is a new artist it might be worth our while tracking his progress in the coming months! So check out his newest video entitled "Bees Don't Sleep" the video is simply delicious... enjoy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ashish & Topshop Back Together Again!

Ashish Gupta is known in the fashion industry for his bold use of colour and prints, as well as those must have peep-toe boots that he designed for our favourite High Street Fashion Monster - Topshop!

Well... he is back! With a capsule collection that is fun and quirky. Ashish will be releasing a variety of oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts on the 10th of January 2011 in Topshop stores nationwide! It was a sweatshirt that got Ashish his first big break in fashion and I for one am glad that he has decided to hit us with some contemporary original designs 10 years later!

Ashish for Topshop Capsule Collection - January 2011

Why am I so excited about this range? Well its mostly to do with the inspiration.... JUNK FOOD! I love junk food! and those of you that know me will remember that... for my college textiles project I made a recycled dress out of crisp packets/coke wrappers so this collection really floats my boat!

The designs are bold and the prints have a fabulous sheen - Ashish has strayed away from the vintage/worn looking sweatshirts we have been seeing on the High Street recently. This collection is a breath of fresh air and affordable as prices will range between £40-60.

I have to say my favourite item has to be the breakfast smiley face! I dare you not to smile when you see it... its near impossible!