Thursday, January 27, 2011

Designer Food... I kid you not!

... so fashion houses naturally branched off from clothes to perfume and cosmetics. The move was probably expected, after all a designer wants to create a perfect overall image. Thus, when brands such as Chanel found a significant market in luxury personal grooming products many other fashion houses jumped on the bandwagon.

Now designer brands can be found everywhere, so every man and woman can own a little bit of luxury. People mention the perfume they are wearing like they would mention the designer of their dress.
Designers have always been looking to expand business which explains the introduction of bed linnen and household goods but I for one never thought they would branch out into the fast food industry!

Yes! it's true. If you live and breathe high end designers and fancy the ultimate fast food treat you won't want to make a trip to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen when you could be tucking into a Burberry Burger, Hermes Fries or a Paul Smith desert.

So let the fashion weeks commence as these designer delights will probably be served at swanky after parties! I have no idea what kind of price we would be expected to pay for a Burberry Burger but I'm guessing it'll be more than the McDonalds 99p offer!

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