Thursday, January 27, 2011

Add It To Your iPod...

Quadron is made up of two Dane's - Coco and Robin (suitably quirky names for wonderfully quirky people.) I cannot fault the easy listening element to Quadron's music that brings a contemporary yet vintage play on blue-eyed soul, funk and jazz. 

Such a wild combination of genre's could potentially lead to a listening experience that is far from pleasurable however, Quadron have successfully overcome being placed in that category. 

Despite only being in her early twenties Coco has mastered her voice to meet any genre or style with ease. Coco's voice slips from soul juxtaposing 70's pop based melodies  on tracks such as 'Slipping' to soft whimsical vocals and amazing voice over's on 'Buster Keaton.' With such a talented front woman the sky is the limit for a duo like Quadron. When listening to their music it's like taking a step back in time but finding something new, rather than something old and uninspiring. 

Everyone knows I am a sucker for an amazing music video and Quadron have not disappointed me with their output for 'Buster Keaton.' It is a clean, chic and simple video that packs punch with its use of colour, fashion and artistic direction. Be sure to check it out below!

p.s: for those of you that didn't know Buster Keaton was on old American actor that became famous for his silent comedy films. The male in this video plays the charismatic Keaton and channels this image via his bowler hat and distinct facial expressions associated with the actor. 


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