Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Artist - Dorian Oddwood

My dear friend J sent me a link to this song because apparently it reminds him of me. Below are the probable reasons:

1) I suffer from insomnia so I sometimes don't sleep.
2) Peeps refer to me as B or Bee.
3) Dorian has a beefro, as do I.
4) They eat French macaron biscuits in the video and boy do I love those chewy biscuits of greatness!
5) They have a tea party and I certainly enjoy a good cup of tea.

The song is catchy, it doesn't really float my boat but I can see it doing well in the charts and because Dorian is a new artist it might be worth our while tracking his progress in the coming months! So check out his newest video entitled "Bees Don't Sleep" the video is simply delicious... enjoy!

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