Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ashish & Topshop Back Together Again!

Ashish Gupta is known in the fashion industry for his bold use of colour and prints, as well as those must have peep-toe boots that he designed for our favourite High Street Fashion Monster - Topshop!

Well... he is back! With a capsule collection that is fun and quirky. Ashish will be releasing a variety of oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts on the 10th of January 2011 in Topshop stores nationwide! It was a sweatshirt that got Ashish his first big break in fashion and I for one am glad that he has decided to hit us with some contemporary original designs 10 years later!

Ashish for Topshop Capsule Collection - January 2011

Why am I so excited about this range? Well its mostly to do with the inspiration.... JUNK FOOD! I love junk food! and those of you that know me will remember that... for my college textiles project I made a recycled dress out of crisp packets/coke wrappers so this collection really floats my boat!

The designs are bold and the prints have a fabulous sheen - Ashish has strayed away from the vintage/worn looking sweatshirts we have been seeing on the High Street recently. This collection is a breath of fresh air and affordable as prices will range between £40-60.

I have to say my favourite item has to be the breakfast smiley face! I dare you not to smile when you see it... its near impossible!

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