Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birmingham's Finest is Tipped for the Top


Clare is from Solihull in Birmingham and has been struggling since 2005 to be recognised in the music industry but now is finally the time for her to take center stage. After many years trying to realise her dream Clare is predicted to be the 'next big thing' for 2011! and I certainly hope that is what she will become. 

The first time I noticed Clare was when I heard her do a cover of Anthony and the Johnson's. Her voice was amazing and not many a woman could sing in such a low octave and still sound like a woman, Maguire being an exception. 

Although her first single entitled 'The Last Dance' is not one of her best tracks... I can see the Great British public latching on to it. Its catchy and uplifting - I guess you could say Clare is a happier version of Adele. All the talent minus every track being overtly depressing - be it with the aid of great lyrics or just the rhythm of her music. 'The Last Dance' has a slight 70's vibe to it with the repetitive synth and drum combination. The vocals as per usual are amazing and the rhythm of the song is nice and catchy. It's the kind of song that could quite easily get stuck in your head. 

My personal favourite off Clare's newest album would have to be 'Ain't Nobody' it has hints of a folk influence as well as an heir of Madonna from her spirtual 'Frozen' days - maybe its just the video that gives that impression though! Simple and Strong. 

Clare has a very distinctive strong voice and despite likening her to others in the same age range and in the standard female singer-songwriter category she has been placed in, she stands out. Her voice is rich and smooth- she never battles with her notes and sings them with a grace and elegance. She is what we need this year - six years of hard graft and she has finally done it! Her debut album will be released on the 28th February 2011!  p.s: check out the Chase and Status Remix of 'The Last Dance' - so nice! and Danny Byrd's remix is pretty nice too!

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