Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lady Gaga's Digital Death

Lady Gaga puts herself up as a spokesperson for the L.G.B.T community she has made it clear in the past that the issues that concern this segment of society need to be aired so that awareness is broadened. Lady Gaga announced today that she would be signing off social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook on the 1st of December (World Aids Day) until $1 million dollars were raised for Alicia Keys' charity 'Keep A Child Alive' that is aimed at helping raise money and awareness of HIV/AIDS, many other celebrities such as Justin Timberlake and Usher will be joining in. They have all apparently recorded what has been called their 'Last tweet and testament' which will show them lying in coffins to represent their 'digital death.'

After only being announced by Lady Gaga today, already her fans have become divided on the issue of whether or not this is actually a good cause. Some have argued that celebrities can donate this type of money themselves and that there was no need for this kind of stand. On the other hand some have recognised that this is a great way to raise awareness and I  have to agree. Lady Gaga has millions of fans spread out over various social networking sites some of which reportedly have only joined sites like Twitter because of her so her absence will cause awareness as well as raising a considerable amount of money. If each of Gaga's fans donated even 50 cents or 50p the $1million mark would be exceeded!! This movement just highlights once again the importance and power of social networking.

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