Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lanvin’s exclusive collection for H&M  will be arriving in stores on November 23rd, meaning that you will be able to own the essence of Lanvin with a more affordable price tag. The collection is an absolutely stunning portfolio of designs and accessories perfectly adapted for the high street. Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin, has created extraordinarily ambitious clothing for H&M, using house styles to make every single piece easily identifiable as their own work. He said, ‘The collection for H&M was about trying to translate the dream of luxury to the masses.’

For women there are dresses with stunning cuts and joyful colours, as well as pieces full of Parisian glamour and accessories with playful “joie de vivre.” However, if you wish to purchase anything from the line the first 320 people in the queue will be able to access the collection based on a coloured bracelet scheme with a time limit to enhance their shopping experience, followed by everyone else (this does not apply to men.) Men will be able to purchase a variety of updated classics, such as tuxedos made for day wear, paired with jogging pants- adding an athletic twist. Restrictions on this collection such as only being able to purchase one of each item and only 200 stores housing this line worldwide ensure the exclusivity of the Lanvin brand.  

H&M Stores housing this collection in London are: Kensington High Street, Brompton Road, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Brent Cross Shopping Centre and Westfield Shopping Centre. Get there early to be one of the lucky 320 who will be able to shop without dealing with crowds!

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