Thursday, June 17, 2010

Emerging Artist Alert!!!


She is a singer/songwriter from Canada whose music has featured on shows such as The Hills and I was lucky enough to grab an interview with her just before her album was distributed to Starbucks all over the USA. I believe that Anjulie's sugar coated melodies and poptastic lyrics will soon be contagious. Her album "Boom" is yet to be released in the UK but you can buy her music on itunes!

Here is her first single entitled Boom:
Anybody who happens to be in their early 20's or older may remember a certain Mr Apache Indian and a certain song called Boom-Shakalaka. Inspiration maybe? If this song is not feautured in a rom-com within the next year I'll eat my hat! I can see it now a nice bar scene, two eyes meet and boom (excuse the pun) this song will reverberate in your mind for the rest of the week.
As I said earlier I was lucky enough to get an interview with her and here are a few of her answers which give you a better sense of her character and muscial direction.
Has your music being showcased on MTV shows thrown you into fast stardom?

Yes I'm the brown Lady GaGa. No, I'm kidding I wouldn't consider myself being thrown into stardom, although when I was in NYC a couple weeks ago I was recognized by the NYPD. I was such a geek about it I think I was more excited that he knew who I was than he was!!

How would you describe your sound?

Like caramel popcorn without the guilt of an after taste.
What/Who influenced you throughout your life?

My mom introduced me to female singer/songwriters at a very young age. I remember every night I would sleep in her bed and she would play her favourite songs until we fell asleep. She loved Carole King, Sinead O'Connor and Carly Simon which led to my love affair with artists like Missy Alanis and Lauryn Hill

● How did your family respond to you becoming a music artist?

They didn't like it, in fact, when I was 19 and moving to NYC to start playing shows and shopping my demo I told them I was going to Montreal to visit a family friend! It was a really tumultuous time in my life but it made me a lot stronger because proving yourself to your parents makes proving yourself to the music industry look like a piece of cheesecake!
What artists have influenced your music?

Two records that changed my life are 'Jagged Little Pill' by Alanis and 'The Mis-Education' by Lauryn Hill
Does music dictate fashion or vice versa? What sort of clothing do you like, any particular styles? Do you prefer designer or high street fashion?

I like both. I love mixing vintage with modern designers. I'm really into accessories and mixing metals like gold chains with silver necklaces and fake crystals. I am to be on the most confusing dress list.
Does the fact that MTV have listed you as one of the artists to watch out for motivated you to succeed or added to the pressure of succeeding within the industry?

Everything motivates me: failure, success, even cheesecake. It's a strange disease.

Well there you have it. The self-confessed new Lady Gaga with a caramel popcorn taste. What do you say to a slice of that cheesecake?

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