Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh A Little Dose of Reality T.V !!!

The Final Season of The Hills
Episodes 1 -2

Okay so they new season of The Hills began on the 30th of May! Thanks so much MTV for deciding to start an addictive series when some young soon to be adults have exams and University work to be doing. Fortunately, I got to watch the first episode on a visit back home to Birmingham (thank goodness for sky+) But now in my eager anticipation I have had to make do with the little snippets you can get from mtv.co.uk (how unfair is it that they never put on full episodes? I guess it is for copyright purposes - but that doesn't stop it being very annoying)

For those reader's who have been under a rock for the past few years all you need to know for now is that the name you probably associate with The Hills if anything at all has been Lauren Conrad (who was on another reality show called The Real O.C --she certainly seems to love them-- ) however, she gave up her place on The Hills for the final few series' as she is feeling pretty well accomplished and rightly so, what with her various book and magazine deals as well as a promising fashion line... anyway, she has paved the path for a fellow The Real O.C chick Kristin  Cavallari who is one of those bad girls that you love to hate, but secretly wish you could be!

EPISODE 1: "Put On A Happy Face"

How much drama can one episode of The Hills have? Please do not get me started, we have accusations of drug addiction (by Stephanie Pratt), contraversial romances blossoming (between Brody and Audrina) and a walking, talking and very much in pain - plastic barbie (Heidi Pratt)... of course everything points to a big showdown which comes to a head in the second episode.

I have to admit as much you want to hate Kristin as a character you have to admire her gutsy ways. Which girl can honestly say that she would be fine walking into a room of girls that she knew were (for want of a better word) bitching about her and ask them what their problem was? Yes, maybe in hindsight you would wish you had asked them but in reality, in the moment I think very few would share the same reactions as Kristin does...and good for her! I wish I was a little more like her dare I say it!

I don't know if it is just me but don't people who have plastic surgery all look like clones?! I had read in Heat Magazine a long time ago that Heidi was considering having plastic surgery but I honestly believed it was a publicity stunt! I mean when you are in your twenties do you really need face enhancing surgery? - I don't think so! My mom tells me that your twenties are when you are at your prime- what a waste of a face! (I am not sorry about the pun!) This comparison is just so scary to look at it is interesting that even her mom had to admit that she looked like a barbie. It is just so upsetting that she felt she had to completely change her image to like herself.

EPISODE 2: "Rumor Has It"

I said that episode 1 left you with a feeling that a showdown was just around the corner but surely we were expecting it to be a massive argument between Kristin and Stephanie for spreading rumours about a supposed drug addiction... but instead it was a sibling showdown! And who doesn't love one of those? especially when it's between our two favourite Pratt's (what a fitting surname)

I think the quote of the episode would have to be from Heidi in regards to her boob job: "I might get them bigger actually, I want H's for Heidi" ....seriously? she looks like barbie does that mean she has to think like her too! Anyway, back to the plot... both Stephanie and Spencer were invited to Kristin's BBQ and before leaving Stephanie plucked up the courage to say goodbye to her older brother who had a massive psychotic turn that made him revert back to being a child! causing Stephanie to run out crying. This was the most dramatic showdown solely based on Spencer's eyes, he looks pretty scary on screen so god knows what he looks like in the flesh when he is angry! For once I actually felt sorry for Stephanie she is his younger sister after all! However, the showdown between Kristin and Stephanie was pretty boring the only part that was remotely fun to watch was them both leaving down different sides of the street. How very artistic! (yes I was being sarcastic)

I know that Reiki Masters believe that crystals hold healing powers but it was evident from the  self confessed 'crystal addict' that they don't always work.... especially if you are crazy! Watch this clip of Spencer at a time when the crystalsare just not working! Its hilarious!

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