Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Sprinkle of Fashion Dust !!


A design duo comprising of Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett make up the up and coming kitch Australian clothing brand Romance Was Born (think Heatherette meets the New Romantics meets a crazy rainbow fairy in the forest.) With collections entitled Yeti Magic and Wierd Science it is evident that this duo are a new force of cool that will soon become a dominating fashion house! The new S/S11 collection called... wait for it: Renaissance Dinosaur! proved just that at Australian Fashion Week in mid-May.

So lets begin with the mise en scene of the show. The mood lighting was set to a deep shade of purple with undertones of a deep blue not forgetting the classic touch of Romance Was Born's glittery swirls of light and dust dotted everywhere. The catwalk itself was very much constructed like a forest in the Jurassic period - with wild trees and stones lining the sides of the runway. The music choice again was suitable quirky as Sales and Plunkett chose to include The Jurassic Park film theme tune within the show! A great move in my opinion, especially to sell the vision of the Jurassic Renaissance that is if the models posing with claws wasn't enough! As much as it is an odd concept the fashion did show both aspects of the vision and they did not seem odd together nor did they contrast to the point of distraction.

The highlights of the show would have to be the Volcano Dress a very well constructed and realist construction of a volcano. Not something you would wear in a club but a great visual piece for the catwalk. And of course the finale dress! Although I do think that this may have had more to do with the fact that the dress was essentially worn by a woman wearing a man with both wearing the dress (that makes about as much sense as the concept as a whole)  but visually it was magnificent! - especially the silhouette from behind as it really did look like one extremley tall woman!

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