Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Pop, Crackle and Electro?


So when and where did I find out about Dan Black? Well I was sat in my room looking for fun things to watch on the BBC iplayer and finally decided on a programme called The Cut - a drama about some children for children - you can see the appeal it has for a disillusioned 21 year old. Anyway, I heard the opening track and it was Dan Black's U+ME= which is just one of those classically good pop songs and I immediately needed his album! which I got a few months after as it had not been released at the time! The album has a variety of tracks that all seem to follow the same sort of format except for one which uses the infamous Rihanna drum beat from Umbrella, sadly that song doesn't please me but that may have more to do with the fact that Umbrella was overplayed and overhyped! Anyway, I think that Dan Black is set for great things as he has a classic yet quirky pop sound that has been missing for the past few years! Anyway I think you should go and sample his delights and here is one I got extremely excited about as it is Dan Black and friends performing U+ME= live, in a bedroom and I was shocked that it sounded so good! So have a little click and give your senses a good time!  

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