Saturday, August 7, 2010

On the Radar!

(with vocals as fiery as her hair it's no wonder she is on the radar!)

So this fresh faced lady hails from London and will be all over the place before you know it! When you get to work with the likes of Benga for your debut album/single I think you have pretty much got it made! She sings in dialect. She is confident. She has a strong, powerful voice that sounds nice even when it is strained. Soulful and melancholic - the voice appears to be the antithesis of the backing tracks she sings over creating a disequilibrium that works against the odds. Listen to a few of her tracks on myspace and have a look at the video for her new single "Katy on a Mission." 

I think it is is nice to finally have a song set to dubstep instead of having a sample ripped from a song and manipulated to fit the music. This way is more creative and it allows the listeners to not only get a lyrical story, but an introduction to a new artist as well as a great catchy song in a nice Benga stamped package!

Let me know if you don't ooo-ah--ooo-ah-oooo! at least once after hearing this song!
I think you'd be the only one!

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