Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The New Muse


If you liked Muse in their Absolution days then maybe this is the band for you. Howls are a four piece that came together quite begrudgingly, the band is comprised of old timers in the music business such as Stephen Fretwell (singer/song writer) and Dan Carey a music producer who has worked with the likes of Lily Allen.  All the members have had some previous knowledge of the music industry which may have given them reservations about this venture, however, Howls are now releasing their debut single Hammock.

Hammock starts with a sound very reminiscent of the Rocky theme tune but as soon as Fretwell’s vocals kick in the vibe changes. Fretwell’s haunting voice juxtaposes the jaunty backing track  to perfection, creating a very sublime yet, eerie atmosphere. We think that Howls will do well based on their prior knowledge of the industry and their great talent. Remember where you heard it first!

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