Thursday, September 30, 2010

Album Review


It’s that old cliche that almost always gets used to describe talented Soul/R’n’B singers but there is no other way to describe Dwele’s voice other than saying it is as smooth as butter. The words just slide out of his mouth with no strain, just pure passion. His new album combines the contemporary with elements of classic soul which is shown by the way he sings in and around the beat rather than adhering to the conventions  R’n’B dictates.

Dwele’s approach to both songwriting, production and delivery have an authenticity that many mainstream artists can’t seem to match. His new album ‘W.ants, W.orld, W.omen’ contains no hegemony or egocentricsm, instead, it is rich with beautiful lyrics that reflect Dwele’s personal experiences and desires in life. Although some are more confusing to understand than others such as ‘I wanna’ but that might just be me?

Despite the overall sound of the album being easy to listen to there is an off putting undercurrent namely the explicit promotion of a particular denim brand that is dotted throughout the album. It seems silly to ruin what at first appears to be a genuine singer/songwriter’s album but I guess promoting this brand will line Dwele’s pockets just in case the album doesn’t. Despite not being admirable, its understandable. Dwele has been the victim of never making it to the mainstream, he has always been on the outskirts looking in but with this album he might just make it.

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