Sunday, August 1, 2010

We Are Living In a Material World & I am a...

(The new clothing label by Madonna! and baby Madge a.k.a Lourdes)

I think it has been long overdue... but finally Madonna has made 'Material Girl' a brand that targets young, teenage girls who love fashion! Hence why she has enlisted the help of her 13 year old daughter Lourdes to help with designing! (How unfair! I wish I was Lourdes!) So we have all managed to get a sneak peak of a few sketches from the collection and here they are in the above picture! As we can see they capture the youthful Madonna we remember with her edgy but playful look which sits about right for the line's target audience. My guess is that the line might be a toned down version of the 80's Madonna we loved. I get this inkling based on the religious symbols, lashings of bold jewelry and fitted bodices in these sketches alone. One thing I am interested to find out is how Madonna will price her collection - surely it wouldn't be too overpriced? especially if it is for teenagers... but who knows in the crazy world of fashion!  

One thing I do know... is that the main model for the campaign is going to be... wait for it.... TAYLOR MOMSEN! (who I forgot to mention hails from Missouri - where I studied for 6 months! woot woot!) as you can tell this whole concept. Madonna + Taylor + Fashion = My dream come true... now if only I were a little younger! But my theory on the matter is... if Momsen can rock the Material Girl line at 21 then I could at least try and do the same! Luckily I have the ability to fit into children's clothes so that might help a little too! Hopefully it won't be too long before pictures are released of the actual line... but be assured that as soon as they are... they will be posted on this blog!   


  1. <3 what you wrote about the Material Girl line. But what you think of Kelly Osbourne being the spokesperson for the line for 2011? I just posted the new images of her in Material Girl clothes.

    Would LOVE to her your opinion


  2. Thank you for your comment! I am having mixed feelings about Kelly Osbourne as the new face of the line. I might even write a post about it... I would love to use your sketches if that is okay with you? x