Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Artists Alert! and my can they provide a cover!

(who has helped to write hits for Kesha and 3OH!3 is now starting a career of her own!)

When you read about Neon Hitch's life it sounds like some fantasy story... born into a family of travelling performers, running away to India at 16 and coming back to the UK to open for acts like 50 Cent and The Streets - before releasing a single record. With a lifestory like this you expect some deep and inspirational music but Neon Hitch isn't the type to dwell on the past... her music is fun and as carefree as her nature.  

I am in love with her cover of Travie McCoy (of the Gym Class Heroes') new single 'Billionaire.' Although, I don't know if we can really call it a cover... the musical layout is exactly the same but Neon Hitch has changed the lyrics completely. What was once a happy-go-lucky summer track about dreams and aspirations is spiced up by Neon Hitch with a sprinkle of angst and lashings of truth! Focusing on the political ideas of a world overtaken by materialism and the trials and tribulations of living in a capitalist society Neon Hitch completely changes the meaning of the song - for the better, in my opinion! I think that Neon Hitch will gain a pretty good following as soon as she gets a little more exposure well don't just take it from me... have a listen to her cover of 'Billionaire!'


(many have said she isn't very pretty, but I believe her talent makes up for it!)

So... despite not being the perfect parcel of an artist... if we try and forget image in this equation we can appreciate some talent for once. Sara Lov is from California and would easily fit into anyone's 'sleeping playlist' with her haunting voice... that is just as soothing as the music that accompanies it.

Lov's music and voice reminds me of the band Eisley - a band that was introduced to me many years ago by my dear friend Lindsey and a band I still listen to! Anyway this blogpost is all about amazing covers (I have no idea why I tried to theme this post! I guess its because both artists have done some nice covers of songs I love!) Lov has done a cover of 'My Body is a Cage' by Arcade Fire, although it is not as haunting as the original I really enjoy hearing female vocals on male led songs and this is one of them! Although, I have to agree with a youtube comment that states: "I think it's a beautiful song and a good cover but it lacks soul...The brokeness and brittleness of the voice is what gives [a song] soul and depth. Win Butler's voice struggles and strains with the notes and not only does that make it unique but gives it heart" .... but I'll let you judge for yourself!


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