Monday, July 26, 2010

Affordable Fashion Fix


So the concept is pretty much stolen from the American website (who have FINALLY decided to ship internationally!) and basically allows the consumer (typically WAG wannabe's) to wear the designer dress they see 'Cheryl Cole' wearing in Heat and OK magazines without having to empty their bank account! I guess you could see these websites as fancy dress hire - literally! You can chose via designer or celebrity and a dress that would cost you £700 could cost you £40 for three days! 

Personally, I would not buy into this idea (although I think it is an amazing concept and is obviously a hit with many people but...) I like to own everything I wear! I couldn't imagine going to a party and explaining that I had hired my dress for the weekend. Also the idea of someone else wearing it before you puts me off... its not exactly the vintage-esq worn look you get with these brand new designer pieces and I can't imagine the wear and tear of new items being so easy to fix therefore I doubt I could justify even thinking of renting any items. As a money savvy kind of girl I have to think about the fact that despite only paying a fraction of the cost price of a particular dress, it would probably be better to save up and invest in a timeless classic designer dress than pay £40-60 here and there on dresses you can wear for a weekend.  

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