Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the Radar....

(from being the cute little kid in the Grinch; to the gorgeous Jennie Humphrey from Gossip Girl; to a Bad-Ass Rock'n'Roller... Go! Taylor Momsen. Go!)

If you have read any of my previous blogs my girl crush on Taylor Momsen has prevailed for over 2 years! She is beautiful, talented and edgy; surely that makes for the perfect front woman of a band? After releasing their 2009 demo (which was VERY raw but amazing) The Pretty Reckless managed to secure a record deal. Although some would say that, that would be fairly inevitable given Momsen's celebrity status. However, I believe Momsen would have got her big break based on her talent and stage presence. I know most people find female fronted bands highly pretentious and often consider the performances contrived, I have to disagree. I am all for females in every way! There is nothing that men can do that women can't (lets get that right!)

Before I run off on a feminist tangent lets get back to the point...the band and the music. When you listen to Momsen's vocals on what will be her debut album (released in August 2010) it is very clear that her style is very similar to Courtney Love's- America's Sweetheart LP (one of my favourite album's! I even got it pre-release!)  I am not the first to liken her to Hole's front woman but if I were Momsen I'd take it as a compliment. When one of my songs were compared to Love's solo releases I was ecstatic, she is after all one of the most influential female alternative rock musicians!  

The first single from the album is 'Makes Me Want To Die' although it wouldn't have been my first pick (I think I would have chosen 'He Loves You' from the 2009 demo) it has the right elements to become number one in the Kerrang charts. I know my 15 year old self would've loved this song more than anything in the world... and even at the ripe age of 21 I quite like it. Momsen's low, gritty vocals have been missing from the rock scene since good ol' Brody Dale left the music business. 

One thing that does annoy me about the first single however is that the build up near the end  really does imitate Courtney Love's opening to the song 'Almost Golden'.... but because I love both songs I am willing to overlook this little factor! Unless I am just being harsh? Judge for yourself!

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