Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unknown British Reggae Artist....

...we know this talent has not been recognised or properly discovered as she doesn't have an official website yet she has an album.

So what is Coraleena Ellis' music like?

Well I would have to say that is is most definitely reggae with an easy to listen to r'n'b voice over. Ellis' vocals are crisp and exciting. I think the fact that she is one of the small handful of female reggae artists is what makes her a lot more interesting than your average beneath-the-radar-of-a-major-label artist. There is an authenticity to the style she has chosen despite the fact that she was born in the U.K and developed her musical talents after emigrating to New Jersey in the U.S.A

Why do you think she hasn't got the recognition she deserves?

Well as you can tell from the below recording her album is of a similar quality to a demo and despite showing a lot of potential there is certainly room for improvement. What is evident from Coraleena's material is that she has RAW talent and is targeting a genre that is under-represented in the British music scene which is why I have chosen to feature her on my blog. I think its is important to add a little flavour to popular music and unfortunately it doesn't happen as regularly as I believe it should. For example I remember about five years ago there was a huge surge of Indian and Asian influence in British Music but it faded as quickly as it started. This can also be seen with reggae in regards to atists such as UB40 (a British, reggae influenced band from Birmingham) who emerged in the late 70's and gained great success... and then dissappeared? so maybe it is time for a re-emergence of reggae in British music?

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