Friday, July 9, 2010

Hit Me With Some R to the T...

.... that's reality T.V my darlings!

Season Two

Well as you have gathered from the posts I have written about reality T.V thus far... I like a show with a lot of drama and Taking The Stage on MTV does not disappoint! Its provides the perfect balance between talented up and coming performers and their complicated love lives! How do MTV manage to do it every single time! They clearly have a radar for drama queens. So as you can tell by the title of this post there has already been a series of this show that was aired earlier on this year in the UK. So I will use this post to try and make a highly complicated plot easy to digest! and will do an episode review soon! At least it'll give you time to give the show a go! 

Tyler: An amazing hip-hop dancer, who is charismatic and a quick hit with the ladies. He is the embodiment of a player and is attracted to talent rather than looks. Jasmine: The best ballerina at CPS (the school that the show is filmed in) and Tyler's official girlfriend who enjoys drama (and I am not talking about the subject) Mia: One of the best singers the school has to offer and a diverted love interest for Tyler. Aaron: The devoted puppy dog and instrumentalist who follows Mia around with a heavy unrequited love.

The series is set in a performing arts school in Cincinnati and follows talented individuals from Cincinnati Public School which was the school that Nick Lachey (the director of this series who is better known as Jessica Simpson's ex-husband) attended. The series starts at the start of term  and introduces us to the new kid in School: Tyler.

After the first few episodes we see how Tyler falls for Jasmine due to her amazing dancing abilities and despite having strict parents Jasmine proceeds to date Tyler. Meanwhile it is evident that there is a great sexual tension between 'friends' Aaron and Mia which causes a great frustration for viewers as it seems that Mia is actually ignoring Aaron's clear signals of wanting more than friendship. 

A love triangle is formed when Tyler falls in love with Mia's voice and begins to pursue her. A kiss is exchanged and all hell is let loose by Jasmine causing Tyler to distance himself from both women but finally he chooses his relationship with Jasmine over Mia. However, this triangle does push Aaron to write a beautiful love song for Mia to declare his feelings explicitly.

There is much more drama but it is very difficult to put it all into a small summary. All you need to know is that by the end of the series: Tyler is single and is not on speaking terms with Jasmine (who is moving away anyway because she has finished High School) but he has remained friends with Mia (who is also a senior). Mia and Aaron decide to give their relationship a go and Mia's music career seems to be going full steam ahead despite a minor set back from a major record label.

The new season has a whole new cast except CPS's golden boy: Tyler is the only original cast member still featured as a main character in Season 2 as he is still a student!

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