Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Andy C Phone Interview Questions

Is there any reason you waited two years to release Nightlife 5?

It’s been a hectic couple of years with touring. I waited a couple of years so I would have a lot of tunes to go on it. It was a case of building up a set of good tunes

Obviously your Nightlife mixes do really well otherwise you wouldn’t have got to your 5th, how is this one different to the others?

I always try and make them special. Its a case of trying to get what I do in the clubs onto CD. I never wanted to make one CD mellow and one CD party... I just wanted it to encapsulate what one of my sets is like. It represents me in a club.

How do you pick which acts to use on Nightlife?

Its not a case of choosing whose on, the tunes choose themselves by being really good. So that makes my life a lot easier. On this album there is maybe a 50-50 split between brand tracks and tracks that we have licensed in because we just signed a few artists so we’ve got a lot of new tunes on the label right now.

Did you know that Nightlife 5 was the fastest selling album ever on trackitdown.net ?

I did hear that, yeah. It’s crazy. It’s gone really well. Everybody seems to like it and a lot of hard work goes into it.

Did you feel under a lot of pressure from the public with this release?

The pressure that I feel is usually because everything is down to the wire and I want to get everything to a standard I am happy with. There are a lot of people are working and contributing towards the project to get it done.

Genre Purists don’t like the idea of DnB hitting the mainstream, what are your thoughts on the topic?

RAM has been running for 18 years and you don’t get that from 5 friends running it in a bedroom. For me its not about trying to not be mainstream, for me, you can’t hold back a great genre of music. If it happens to be popular what are you going to do?

Have you signed any new artists to Ram that we need to look out for?
The likes of Wilkinson, Hamilton, Culture Shock have got some great tunes on the album and Lonestar as well.

When is your next mix coming out?

Let’s not talk about the next mix, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on lots of live gigs.

You are obviously very busy touring around is there a particular event or place you are excited to play at this month?

Well I just played at The Warehouse Project in Manchester and for 3000 people in Barcelona yesterday. I am actually speaking at The Oxford  University - Students Union this Friday. Its a massive honour to be asked to do it some pretty amazing people have spoken there so its unbelievable. So I am going to do it and play a gig in Oxford after and then Fabric again.

It’s all going amazing right now.
So you’re a happy bunny?
Oh yes I am.

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