Thursday, October 7, 2010


How often do you see an O.A.P at a club? I think its quite a rare sight in anyone’s book, but how many people can say that they have seen an O.A.P spinning Reggae/Dancehall records at some of the best festivals of today? Well those that saw DJ Derek performing at Bestival or The Big Chill this year can say that they have!

DJ Derek seems like the kind of guy you could write a comedy sketch about. He is a white, 68 year old man who has a deep rooted passion for Reggae and Dancehall music, which has transcended from the records he plays to his talking voice! When performing on stage DJ Derek transforms from the grouchy old man who enjoys a good pint in his local, to an amazing DJ who talks in Patois whilst spinning the latest records from Jamaica!   

DJ Derek has a cult following especially in Bristol - his hometown. He even had a short documentary made about him by Jamie Foord who sadly passed away last year; aged 19. DJ Derek has earned his fast growing reputation and despite his novelty factor he is an amazing DJ who knows how to get people on their feet.  

At the moment DJ Derek is doing a few gigs around the country including a Halloween gig in London on the 30th of this month! You can catch him at Cable for the Chew the Fat Halloween Special for a measly £6! See you there?

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  1. on Rob's 19th at Ritz. Old men with hearing aids dancing.