Sunday, December 19, 2010

Harald Glööckler: Prince of Fashion?

Yes, this is a real PETA awareness advertisement featuring the self proclaimed  'Prince of Fashion.' Now if I told you that there was a TV show about this man you would want to watch it wouldn't you? - just for the laughs? Well it just so happens that LIVING TV has been following the life of Harald Glööckler who often refers to himself as 'The Real Bruno' because he was the apparent inspiration behind the character of Bruno as played by  Sacha Baron Cohen. I watched the pilot episode and found him to be an odd creature (as expected) but a very frustrating one at that. 
He was very aware of the cameras and made it his mission to show the great British public that he was a household name in his native, Germany. I found his ego definitely superseded his creativity and talent. Although Harald does appear to be quite successful, I found the clothing he showcased tacky, unrefined and cheap looking -a bit like the man himself. The theatrics of his 'performance' for this 'reality' show were actually, at times, painful to watch. I am glad that the producers of the show decided to keep his out-takes in the main body of the episode, as it gave the audience a better picture of his real personality (his intolerance of others and his overwhelming egocentricism.)  



  1. he also sells his disgusting/amazing jewellery and clothes on QVC sometimes, which is where I first saw this odd creature. Glad you've warned us all of this imminent invasion of gloockler! x

  2. Haha! Yeah I know he sells on QVC! They showed him showing the buyers his newest line! He is a good salesman! We need to meet up over this break! more supersized crayon fights are needed. Miss you! x