Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'll be baking&shaking to the amazing....

...and to put it nicely (if we are talking in terms of bakery goods) I would die for a slice of his pie! There is nothing like a talented man to get your bake on too! Feminists may shoot me now!  
He is a French soul singer who has certainly got a funky side and I am in love with his voice! And as you all know I am a sucker for cover versions and every single one that he has covered has been absolutely AMAZING! he is soooo talented it sometimes make me squeal a little! Well don't just take my word for it... have a little listen: 




  1. You have such great taste and I have read your blog for the past two months! Could you make me a follower?

  2. Thank you Leigh that is really nice to hear! To follow the blog you just click 'follow' at the bottom of the page! Also I have a cheeky question... how did you come across this blog? xxx

  3. @Pavalina. Thanks! I am now a follower :) Urmm well I was looking for new music and your blog was one of the top three in my search so I clicked and it was great! Btw love the url and your profile picture, you are VERY pretty and fashionable :) Do you use messenger?

  4. Thank you very much you are too kind! :) and unfortunately I don't use messenger, sorry! xxx