Sunday, March 4, 2012

REPORT: Things I like at the moment.

If ever you are in need of something to listen to that will a) put you in a good mood and b) relax you. This song by Thievery Corporation would have both on its tin. I'll be honest it is not the most exciting track -musically or lyrically- but there is just something about it that makes you want to listen again and again or is that just me? It also helps that the woman in the video is actually stunning. The rest of Thievery Corporation's back catalogue highlights an interesting array of genre's from dub and acid jazz to classical Indian music and Brazilian bossa nova. Sounds like: Portishead, Chicane 

To me this six-piece from Iceland are likely to become part of a new movement of music that we really need in 2012. They have a lyrical awareness that is second to none, amazing and simple melodies as well as a complicated yet beautifully constructed album. When I finally get my own car, I can see myself driving to this song. Despite the jaunty rhythm on "Little Talks" the track is actually really really sad and has been one of the songs I have had on repeat for the past week or so. They'll do well. Sounds Like: Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons

From Chicago, Mark Farino has been on the scene for quite a while and is known for his relaxed beats that take us back in time. I hadn't heard of him until recently but I was very glad that his music came into my life (just to add there is a lot of it to get through! Over ten albums and that does not include mixtapes) This song (Daddy's favourite do it) however, has become one of my favourite's and I dare you not to move your shoulders to it because that is nearly impossible... 
Sounds Like: Himself!

If you wanted catchy melodies and adventurous time signatures then this is the band for you. Although I love this song quite a lot, I must admit that you can't really get away from the very blatant fact that this pop quintet have a very short shelf-life. They have appeared on BBC Introducing and are clearly very influenced by the music around Manchester (where they come from) but I just can't see where they would fit in the music market, not that I am that in-tune with it anymore. I guess they are very new and have plenty of time to develop their sound but for now this is the only song I really like. 


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