Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where did they go?? The blog post....

There are so many artists that feature on my ipod that have fallen off the face of the musical sphere... this blog post will feature those bands that I loved and lost in probably less than a year... does it say something about the music they produced? or is this just part of the musical life cycle?


They were big in 2005 especially in the rock 'n' roll scene, this was at a time when the sleaze was back i.e: Velvet Revolver etc. Although they look like a traditional glam rock band from LA they are actually from Leeds in the UK! But aspirations of moving across the pond - the style, the sound and the glitter seemed to fall by the way side as the second album flopped and despite still being signed we have yet to hear anything worth writing about....


I think liking Alisha's Attic in my pre-teen years makes me a pretty cool person! With my little bit of saved up cash I got all of their singles because I could never wait to save up ten pounds for the album from Woolworths! Anyway... the band was made up of two sisters and they had a Siouxsie and the Banshee's feel about them. Some of their later material had serious Asian influence with sitars and tabla's and they were generally just an amazing band that disappeared in the early 00's - they should definitely make a come back!


Colour of Fire - one album, one tour and one split. The question that always goes around in my head is, why? Their music was pretty good they had some awesome melodies and the frontman was a bit of a slice (that is,at the time, on reflection - not so much so!) Lyrically they were pretty amazing their whole first album was so well written despite the fact that they were only in their early 20's. Anyway, I say they should reform but the likelihood of that happening is probably O. 


"Oh my Love" was the only song I really really loved by Sophia. I don't think they really hit the big time ever but this song was the closest they got to that dream. As Robin says at the start of the video this song in particular is a sad pop song and I am a sucker for both those things! I wish the official video was available because it sounds and looks amazing, but this will have to do until you find it for yourself!  

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